An Introduction to Me…

As a Christian, I am internally and externally pressured to do and say what’s right all of the time. I do pretty good in this area. I put up a pretty good front.

But my thoughts? Well that’s a different story! People say I am so sweet and mature … and I’m like really? Even when I am transparent I barely offend. It’s not like I try to hurt others … but sometimes I feel like saying “I don’t deserve your adoration! If you really knew how I truly felt …. you wouldn’t like me so much.” 😕

Christians like me are usually applauded (or at least acknowledged) for being so good. Of course that’s what we aim to do, spread the love of God. But there can be a problem with this…

People think they have to be good before God will even look their way. That’s so untrue! Most of us became pleasant after teaming up with God. And guess what, we are still wretched on the inside.

Most Christians won’t admit that. So here I am! This blog is a journey of my truth and God’s love. I want to show how imperfect we are and how patient and merciful God is.

I invite you to my thoughts and emotions. Some will offend you, most will be a result of my immaturity and some may make you laugh … but they are true. Over time you will see the grace of God as He corrects me and loves on me. And He desires to do this for EVERYBODY!



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