Get to Work on Time!

It is 1:30 am and my 6 month old is wide awake. God bless her heart. And God, please don’t let me oversleep yet again. I have to leave for work in 6 hours and I’m T-I-R-E-D. I just got my nearly 2 year old son to sleep 30 minutes ago.

By no means do I regret having my 2 kids close in age. But this is so exhausting. Being a wife, a mother and a full time employee is no role for the weak! As taxing as it is, I would never trade my life if I had a choice.

I am constantly thanking God for these blessings, because I know many are praying for a job, for a spouse or for children.

If it wasn’t for his mercy …
So 6 hours later I am rushing off to work. I overslept, 10 minutes late again. I used to get so frustrated because I am almost always late to work. By His grace I have never been terminated for tardiness. I mean, I do good work, when I’m there of course lol.

God blessed me with an easygoing and understanding boss. She shared with me how she’s never been punctual for work; her whole life she was always about 10 minutes late.

I will never take her for granted, or God’s grace. I will keep pushing to clock in on time everyday and try not to stress when I am running late like usual.
Honestly though, I feel like if I ever start being punctual regularly like I want, I will start judging others when they’re late. Isn’t that twisted? Maybe I am consistently late to avoid pride issues for being punctual lol.

There’s nothing wrong with being punctual of course but to use your punctuality to become condescending is a no no.

Thank you Lord for looking out for my soul.