I Need Him, We Need $$

Last night my husband went out with his coworkers to celebrate one of their bdays. He told me about it last week but I forgot.

When it got past the time he usually gets home from work I called him for his status. Once he told me that he was out with his friends I was immediately frustrated. I’ve been home all day with a toddler and a baby …. I want some help! It sucks feeling like a single parent when you aren’t one.

In his defense, he helps when he’s home. But he works 6 days a week and gets off late. And he’s exhausted. I’m sensitive to all of that, but I wish we did more as a family. We work all day and are tired all night.

Part of me wants him to seize all opportunities to reach his full potential. And I want him to have a social life apart from me. Part of me wants him home with me and the kids more. I don’t fuss too much because we do need the money to pay off debt. And he’s still establishing himself.

Lord please help us to apply balance and your wisdom to our pursuits.

Sequel : Daddy’s Home!


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