Daddy’s Home!

Prequel : I Need Him, We Need $$

On Sundays my husband usually goes to work around noon. He’s a barber so he sets his own hours. We would have some family time for a few hours before he takes off. Depending on his appointments and walk-in traffic, he sometimes gets home later than expected. So we don’t get as much time together as I’d like.

This morning he was relaxing and watching TV. I looked out the window then said, “It’s a good thing you’re taking the truck today instead of your bike [motorcycle], it looks like it’s going to rain.” He replied, “I’m not going in today.”

Whaaaaa? You mean, we are spending the whole day together? I was so happy I jumped on him, lol.  He doesn’t know about this blog so I know he didn’t read my previous post : I Need Him, We Need $$. It truly was a pleasant surprise. I cherish quality time so much … just the presence of my loved ones is enough.

We didn’t go out or do anything special by most people’s standards. We binge watched “Iron Fist” on Netflix while my babies did what babies do lol. I was a happy camper. I love how God hears my heart cries and answers.

He did go out eventually to film an artist at a studio. Such a hustler lol. But I didn’t mind. He clocked in enough quality time hours to satiate me. I had to hold off from watching the season finale of “The Walking Dead” though since he was out while it was airing on tv. He’s lucky I love him!!

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