My First Reader!

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Freed to Love

Last year I published my very first memoir, “Freed to Love.” In it I share the most intimate details of my dating relationships until I finally said “I Do.”

Unfortunately I can’t advertise it to my friends and family because I chose to write under a pen name. I wanted the book to be as raw as possible without embarrassing the people who were part of my journey.

Last week I felt led by the spirit to ask my good friend Tracy to read and review my book. She is the first one outside of my husband that knows about my secret identity, lol. She received the book on Saturday and I am “patiently” waiting to hear back from her.

I’m sure she’s busy…. but I expected to hear from her by now. I mean, I wouldn’t have had it published if I didn’t believe in it. But in the spirit of humility I truly want to hear her opinion. Just because I think it’s a great read doesn’t mean others will agree.

C’mon Tracy! Did you like it?? What do you think?!

Sequel : Not for Sale


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