Not for Sale

Prequel : My First Reader!

Tracy finally ended up calling me about my book. I did call her to follow up and she admitted that she was busy. So I decided to let it go and just be patient. As I was watching TV one night my phone rings and guess who it is? TRACY!! I was too eager to pick up the phone. I really wanted some feedback.

She shared that it was an interesting read and she had no idea I went through all of that. See, I’m such a private person that it is not easy to tell how dramatic my life can be. I tend to downplay my happenings.

She agreed with me however, that it’s a quick read. I can’t believe I summed up 25 years of my life in 100 pages! I refused to add fiction though, this has to be true from beginning to end. I don’t think I forgot any key events either.

After that conversation I decided to give the book out to random young adult ministries and organizations for free. I really believe that my story will bless young women looking for love. I can’t let money come in the way of changing lives.

To be honest I knew that God wanted me to write a book years ago. But I kept letting myself get distracted. You know what finally lit a fire to my butt? I saw this as a way to earn more income. Sorry God, my motive wasn’t for souls but for money!

Soon before Tracy called I had a dream that we shouldn’t charge people for the Word. At first I thought it was about churches, because the setting was a board meeting at a church. But it’s about me. I have absolutely nothing against ministries/preachers selling books and other inspirational products. I just believe that for me, at least in this season, I can’t concern myself with making a profit from my testimony.

It’s all good. Matthew 6:25-33 baby!

Sequel : About These Nerves…


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