About These Nerves…

Prequel: Not for Sale

So yesterday I mailed out 6 copies of my memoir to some ministries that I found online. My stomach was knotting a bit before I got to the post office, and even moreso after they were postaged and placed in the mailbox!

It’s crazy how nerve-racking it is to do God’s work sometimes. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster!

  1. Wait God, you want me to do what?!
  2. Ok this may be pretty cool, I can do this!
  3. I’m not qualified to do this.
  4. I must encourage myself in the Lord. I can do all things!
  5. Wow imagine if I succeed! The lives that’ll be transformed … the souls that may be saved …
  6. Wait, but what if I fail?! The humiliation! The time and money wasted.
  7. Forget this. I will just stay in my comfort zone.
  8. Ugh, I must obey God. He has done so much for me through others. I should give back.
  9. Ok, whatever. I will do my best and let God do the rest. At least I tried.
  10. Done. I hope it works!!!!

That’s pretty much the thought journey I travel almost every single  time God asks me to step out in faith.

Welp, it’s done. They’re sent. I will send more as financial provision comes. I will just continue to rebuke the enemy when he taunts me. I have to trust that God gave this to me to help change lives!